eb24 - core banking software for banks

Core banking is a general term used to describe the services provided by a group of networked bank branches. Bank customers may access their funds and other simple transactions from any of the member branch offices. Normal core banking functions will include deposit accounts, loans, and payments. Banks make these services available across multiple channels like ATMs, Internet banking, and branches. Core banking solution is a comprehensive, integrated yet modular business solution that effectively addresses the strategic and day-to-day challenges faced by banks.

The platform where communication technology and information technology are merged to suit core needs of banking is known as Core Banking Solutions. Here, computer software is developed to perform core operations of banking like recording of transactions, passbook maintenance, and interest calculations on loans and deposits, customer records, balance of payments and withdrawal.

This software is installed at different branches of bank and then interconnected by means of communication lines like telephones, satellite, internet etc. It allows the user (customers) to operate accounts from any branch if it has installed core banking solutions. This new platform has changed the way banks are working. Highly scalable still highly secured and cost-effective software solution.

eb24 - Features

  • Highly-secure branch-free banking
  • Based on open-source technologies
  • Browser based thin-client solution
  • Access-control and audit-tracking at all levels
  • True core-banking (browser based)
  • Customizable operational workflow support
  • Key-board based easy data-entry support for easy Data-feed
  • Multi-lingual support
  • KYC norms complaint
  • PIGMY account support
Technical Features

  • Transaction support for Cash, Transfer, Clearing,
    and Loan receipts etc.
  • GL and SL account maintenance
  • Maker / Checker control for all transactions
  • Short-code based easy transaction entry through key-board
  • Easy inward-clearing file import
  • Configurable deposit and loan schemes
  • Highly configurable interest and TDS calculations methods
  • IBC-OBC support
  • Implicit printing support for Passbook, DD, Loan Receipt printing
  • Balance statement ,Cash Book and Day Books
  • Powerful code and database schema traceability tool
  • Report format available in txt, pdf, xls, csv, and xml file formats
  • Easy import, export features
  • OS independent solution. Can run on Windows, Linux,
    Unix,Mac etc. Core Banking Solution
  • Needs a very basic hardware configuration on client machines CBS architecture

Modules present in CBS

  • Admin module
  • Customer maintenance
  • Account maintenance
  • Transaction maintenance
  • Recovery Module
  • Share membership handling support
  • TDS calculation and application support
  • Cheque book maintenance
  • Pass book Maintenance
  • Remittance Module
  • ECS Support
  • Inward Clearing
  • Outward Clearing
  • Share Module
  • Locker module

Core Banking Solution How CBS help Customers?
  • To make enquiries about the balance, debit or credit entries in the account.
  • To obtain cash payment out of his account by tendering a cheque.
  • To deposit a cheque for credit into his account.
  • To deposit cash into the account.
  • To deposit cheque / cash into account of some other person who has account in a CBS branch.
  • To get statement of account.
  • To transfer funds from his account to some other account –
    his own or of third party, provided both accounts are in CBS branches.
  • To obtain Demand Drafts or Banker's Cheque from any branch on CBS.


Criticare - Hospital management software

Autosoft Systems Ltd. offers to its clients worldwide an opportunity to provide better care to patients through state-ofthe- art healthcare solutions in avenues such as hospital and patient management systems and decision support systems. We believe that each hospital is unique in its requirements and priorities. And hence our offering Criticare (Criticare is the key for Hospital Management Systems) covers the entire gamut of hospital activities. Offering flexibility, it allows hospitals, whether large or medium sized, to choose from various modules to match their specific needs. Criticare "A REAL TIME ONLINE HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" offers complete Healthcare solution with software, training, service and support. Criticare is a comprehensive solution designed to automate the activities of the Hospital. It is designed with a very powerful user interface. The system has the capability to administer the total enterprises and efficiently manage information.

Criticare has been designed & developed in expert guidance and coordination with experts Medical Practicians specializing in various fields. This has in turn helped Criticare to become a particular need based software. Criticare is in time tested for two more than two years in multi speciality hospital and is running successfully.
Criticare integrates information from throughout your facility. Data about patients, departments, personnel, equipment, maintenance, and other key areas are brought together for easier analysis and problem resolution. The system is designed modularly. Integrating activities and adding users allows the flexibility to the user to plan implementation in phases. Criticare provides an easy -to -use, graphical user interface. Queries can be done quickly with clear, concise results.

Unique Features of Criticare

  • Modularity
  • User Friendliness
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Fully Integrated
  • Touch Screen Facility
  • WAP Enabled
  • Online Professional fee Maintenance
  • Powerful Search Engines
  • Strong built in data security / Automatic Backup
  • Multi Location/Hospital/Accounting Year
  • User defined Billing Structure and Bill Heads

  • Online Billing
  • Automatic Data Transfer Yearly
  • Retrieval of Patient History on single mouse click
  • Data transfer through net
  • Support for pictures, clips, images archival
  • Customized Reports
  • Ward category wise charges facility
  • Statuary Records Processing
  • Cost Center wise Accounting
  • Patient Complaint Monitoring
  • Support for multi-branch of Hospital

Benefits of criticare

Autosoft Criticare provides manifold benefits to hospitals everywhere, whether large or medium sized.

  • Streamlined Operations
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Better Administration and Control
  • Enhanced Fund Management
  • Smart Revenue Management
  • Minimised documentation and no duplication of records in different departments
  • Reduced paperwork for staff.
  • Online procedures for effective and timely patient care.
  • Faster information flow between various departments.
  • Easy access to reference records.
  • Availability of timely and accurate information.
  • Access to updated Management Information.
  • Online information readily available on the flow of funds (advances and recoveries)
  • Strong MIS Reports and Inventory Management.
  • Optimised bed occupancy checks.
  • Effective Check on Finance Management.
  • Exact stock information of drugs on shelf (including their expiry dates).


Sampada - ERP for Agriculture produce marketing committees

Total Solution for Agriculture Produce Market Committee (A.P.M.C.)

Main Features of System

  • Total Menu Driven System.
  • Fully Parameterized Software.
  • Very easy to handle & user friendly.
  • Section / Department wise any time online.

  • User wise work allotment.
  • Multilingual - All Indian Language.
  • Total Integration Solution.
  • Fully Automated Kata Patti.

Advantages of System

  • Any time Reports - on demand.
  • Maintain track of each transaction from every module.
  • Online status from various sections.
  • User level security.
  • Database level security.
  • Cross verification of kata patti through Inward / Outward entry.
  • Accuracy of Cess / Supervisor collection.
  • Reduction in unnecessary paper work.
  • Increase the speed of work & efficiency.
  • Main Market Committee & Sub Market Committee Connectivity.
  • Consolidation of Main Market Committee & Sub Market Committee.

Following Modules Covered

  • Kata Patti Section
  • Property Section
  • License Section
  • Accounting Section
  • Cess Collection at out gate
  • Inward / Outward Material Movement
  • Wright Bridge
  • Payroll Section
  • Stores Department
  • Investment Section
  • Maintenance Section
  • Electricity Supply Section
  • Water Supply Section
  • Petrol Pump Section
  • Go-down Section
  • Court Case file Section
  • Statistic (Analysis) Section

E panchayat

E panchayat - software for village panchayats, Blocks, District Headquarters

Panchayat is one of the only products available in its category. It covers the following modules in detail

  • Property Master
  • Building Type Master
  • Area Type Master
  • Grampanchayat Type Master
  • Tax Master
  • Budget Head Master
  • District Master
  • Taluka Master
  • Panchayat Samiti Master
  • Grampanchayat Master
  • Village Master
  • Wadi Master
  • Budget
  • Tax Demand Generation
  • Miscellaneous Demand Generation
  • Transaction Module
  • Cash Book
  • Trial Balance
  • Salary Master
  • Stock Register
  • Deposit and Loans raised
  • Grampanchayat Employee's Pay Book
  • Work details & work measurement book
  • Property Entry
  • Roads
  • Land vested in Grampanchayat

Utkarsh - Core Banking

Utkarsh - Core Banking